Cornelia Dracula

September 10, 2017 by Patrick Starks


Let’s be honest, being a bat wasn’t always that great—you’re in the dark all the time, and your thirst for blood is unbearable—your tiny enough just to get crushed by any other species in attempt to obtain it. Bianca was always the best at controlling her urges, her hunger, she knew it all. She would always tell us that the gods had given us the freedom to feed on any animal of our choosing, but never any of the living—that being the humans, in which non had ever encountered.

But one day that all changed—our colony was growing larger by the days and the demand for food, for blood, would increase to a craze. One would think to tell us all to stop having so much sex, to stop breeding so much, but come on—that would be like asking us to stop our thirst for blood. Although, with blood we needed it to survive, but with sex maybe not—although, I know many that would disagree to the suggestion. Oddly, because of the blood and sex, our colony would grow closer to its end.

“We need to find another way, the colony will not last if we don’t take action now,” a male said. Everyone trembled in fear, panicking, just as the humans that feared them would. It was sad, we were bats after all, not cowards,  not fucking rats, surely there had to be some pride left in us, but as with anything, fear would always find a way to sway the mental state.

Bianca on the other hand, I felt would disapprove with the others behavior, she was are queen after all, but she was nowhere present. It was strange, she was never really one to miss a  meeting, especially one as important as this one. With all the commotion going on within the dark cave that we paraded, I figured to go find her—I assumed she was in her study as always.

I made my way inside, her room was obviously cold and dark, but randomly wielded the smell of the dead, I could also see that the room had been torn to pieces, as nothing but old=crusty leaves and dirt surrounded it—she was known to be much tidier. “Leave Dragos, please leave!” Bianca yelled, but I wasn’t going anywhere, I loved her more than  she could ever know. And be for you think it, it was never just for the sex, or the fact that she was a master at obtaining buckets of blood—I sincerely loved her.

In the dark corner where her eye’s would sparkle like freshly washed glass, I would close the gap between she and I. Every step I took was nerve-racking—left and then right I went, and with every movement, I could feel the heat from her frustration boil to hotter temperatures than  even the sun—ironically, the very thing legend would say that would destroy us all. Although, no one ever witnessed such a thing to happened, but dared not to, as it could be what not makes them, but rather breaks them.

But I was making progress,  I wasn’t too far from Bianca—I took one more step, and as I was about to enter her bubble as they would say, I slipped on the floor. My feet appeared to now had been tainted with a thick substance, it smelt familiar, however, it was too dark to draw facts, but my assumption was that it had to be blood.

I could tell that Bianca wanted to laugh as heard subtle snorts in the background, but she remained one with her previous mannerism. “Go ahead have a taste, you.. you won’t be disappointed,” Bianca said. I was speechless, how could she have had so much blood without telling the colony, without sharing it—as annoying some could be, we were still a family. With pure pressure, along with the fear of Bianca being mad at me or decapitating thee, I gave it a taste, after all it been waste.
The taste I immediately became addicted to right away—it was sweet, yet still had a slight kick to it, that would soon enough make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I asked Bianca what it was, I was guessing it could have been a monkey—they would eat lots of fruit, therefore, bringing my assumption that only their blood could ever be this sweet, yet we were quite far from the land of such.
“A man, that it is,” Bianca said. Maybe a male monkey she would mean, I thought, but she would then reveal to me the reality. What I now saw was a body in front of me, it was pale, and smelt as I assumed before, of the dead. It’s head was bigger than my body, and torso I felt was as long as a tree—heaven only knows what this thing could’ve done, if it were to get a hold of me. Bianca now had a cynical smile on her face, although, we were bats, I doubt we had to try hard for such a look, but she forced it anyways.

“Do you see it now Dragos, the colony can be saved. With this one body, we can feed the whole colony tonight, imagine if we had more. The gods have lied to us for centuries, and now, I will rewrite the truths that they so denied us,” Bianca said. I couldn’t believe what she was saying, let alone what she’d done. I would reject her offer and tell her this was wrong, that it was our way, our creed, but then she showed me more. “Why are you always like this Dragos? Why do you have to be so blind… I know where bats, but fucking come on. Just let me show you, come here, this way, ” Bianca pleaded.

She pointed to a desolate path, one where we wouldn’t be spotted by the colony, although, most were asleep by now—you could usually tell by the smell in the air— only when a sleep, did any ever pass gas. Bianca and I flew, and we flew for at least an hour before reaching our destination.

Eventually we reached a castle, it was massive, and appeared to have just as many rooms as are cave did, if not more. “Are you coming in?” Bianca asked, I hesitated, blood would then begin trickling down my leg for that I was now pissing it out—for the first time in my life, I was scared.

We  made our way inside, it was dark and cold just like the cave, but with an imagery that I’d never seen before. Everything looked to be artistically crafted, not only by man, but by the spiders that lurked it, for that the cobwebs that surrounded it, would look just as artistic as the paintings on the wall. Without out hesitation, Bianca would take bee-line to a room—where everything I knew about myself and the colony, would be revealed.

“Look around Dragos, does anything look familiar to you, do you see anything at all,” Bianca would ask. I was unaware at first, but then I saw a painting of a man on the wall, which also contained two woman that stood by his side. The women of course were beautiful, just as Bianca, I felt—however there skin was pale, just as the body I’d find in Bianca’s room. The man in the painting was pale as well, but seemed to be not of the human race, but another’s.

Bianca pointed up to the sky. “Look, up there!” she yelled. I couldn’t believe my eyes, millions of what looked to be eggs filled the ceiling—the same eggs in which we would create ourselves, however, these eggs were empty. I pondered on it all, wondering what it could’ve meant—Bianca and I had never met our parents, but I could see now she had found something. Years of mystery, years of not knowing where we came from—all to be solved in this mysterious castle.

“This is our home Dragos, this is where we were born, and they on the wall were our parents, I believe. Here, the book will tell you it all,” Bianca said. I felt I would throw up, what did she mean our parents, surely the one I loved couldn’t have been my sister—and yet sadly, it might’ve been true.

She then nudged over the book for me to read right away, it was bigger than her body, it had writings on it that were ancient it seemed, but for whatever reason I could somehow read it. And as I read the book of mystery, my life and the colonies would be changed, the book of our parents, the book of mother, “Blood and Sex” by Cornelia Dracula.


“He was an honest man, one who lived life with passion, and also formal, that being he understood fashion. I knew what he was, and understood the risk, but felt I had him by the balls, with only a kiss. I never knew that I would become this way, lured into the night, blinded by the light, never to see the day. If your reading this now, you probably know what has happened to me, but be wise to dig any further, for that what you look at now, will not be what you see.”

-Cornelia Dracula

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