Founder and Author: Patrick Starks


 I am currently 28 years old and live in Seattle, Wa, which I have for most of my life. I have been writing and dreaming of magical worlds since I was a kid, and honestly feel I am living in one. Happy to be here and share my stories with you the world. And if your wondering what the hell Pacharc stands for, it is literally my first name, middle name and last name in one word. The only difference is that I changed the K in my last name to a “C”, just thought it looked better with a C all around, but I wouldn’t change my last name for anything.

Here is a little peaceful saying to everyone visiting the site 🙂

“Be happy, embrace life, for that today and many days, you now take from your back, the knife. But do not worry, you will not bleed, only heal-the bandage that once covered it, you can now peel. Look in my eyes and tell me I’m wrong, I can see you are on your way, why wouldn’t you be–today as always is your day.”

Be one my friends😁

-Patrick Starks