About Pacharc:

Pacharc is solely here to provide content of entertainment, enlightenment, and inspiration to all audiences. Pacharc is simply here to create.

Founder and Author: Patrick Starks


  I am a very curious, positive, and cheerful guy, who loves to dabble in many forms of art, one of those other art forms being writing. Some call me Iron man, some call me the adopted son of the Stark House of Winterfell. Although my name is Patrick Starks, I am related to none of the two. But I guess the people who know me well call me that because of my heroic similarities to the characters, minus the deaths and the explosions of course. I am currently 28 years old and live in Seattle, Wa, which I have for most of my life. I have been writing and dreaming since I was a kid, but am recently new to making it a public thing. 

I am here solely entertain and bring to life the imaginations that i have had since birth, I hope you all enjoy and will be apart of my reinventing 🙂