Blades of the Eternal

April 27, 2017 by Patrick Starks

25613165 - beautiful geisha in kimono with samurai sword

My blade, how did it get so dull? I need my blade to be sharp—however, I forgot the materials I need. Was it happiness? Or was it just flame and oils? I’m obviously doing something wrong, for that my blade does not speak to me anymore. Blade can you hear me? Please speak to me; do you even remember who I am? Don’t you remember the last battle that we had?  Our opponent was so full of fear and doubt within oneself.  Don’t you remember when we clashed with his blade? Do you remember the fear his blade had? I certainly do— the fear it had was that of a man that is to be trampled by wild boar. You should be ready for this next fight, just as we were with the sword that feared you so. Why are you so afraid my blade? You know we have always been victorious in our battles—yet, you still fear the thought of losing. Although, maybe it is your fear that has kept us alive for so many years; maybe, just maybe, I should learn to listen to you more. Will you ever speak to me blade? Will you appear in front of me once again? Continue reading “Blades of the Eternal”